How to Blog

1.  Just write....   I think the problem I face when trying to start a blog is that I want to organize it like a book.  I want to start with an introduction to my blog.  Only I am not sure what direction this blog may take.  So I write something then I erase it.   I go on writing something else then I erase that.   Rule #1 just write!  Something, anything, woman write the blog!!!!

2. Be consistent... Writing will become a ritual.  It is a moment to yourself and your thoughts each day.  Schedule time on your calendar to write.   A friend of mine and a fellow blogger, told me she sets aside an hour every morning before her kids wake up so that she can blog.   I don't have kids, so I felt lazy in comparison for not even starting!!!  But here I am tho!

3. Be Inspired...  For me, my environment inspires me.  Sometimes I will play a youtube fireplace on my TV, light a candle and make a chai latte.  This makes me feel like I am tucked away in a rustic cottage for a writers retreat!   Sometimes I pile some blanket and pillows in my SUV with my dog and we head out to a park and voila, another writing retreat!  Mostly, I write poetry, not this blog, it is the dawn of a new again, I am here writing!

4. Vary your medium...   Most of the time I write on a laptop.  I have a little touch of OCD when it comes to writing and being able to fix your mistakes instantly on a laptop help me to focus on the writing.  But, sometimes I just like to have a notebook and pen my thoughts.   Other times, I will record my thoughts, letters or blog entries on the voice memo app of my iPhone.